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Kenedix Introduction

Kenedix is dedicated to realizing the full potential of real estate

Japan’s real estate and financial markets have changed in many ways since Kenedix was established in 1995. As our business climate underwent major changes, we succeeded in growing as an independent real estate asset management company while entering new business domains. Our growth mirrored the expansion of the real estate securitization market, which links the real estate and financial markets. We are very grateful for the support of client investors, financial institutions, business partners, shareholders and all other stakeholders that helped make this accomplishment possible.

We announced Kenedix Vision 2025 in 2015. This long-term vision defines the Kenedix Model as holding properties by using funds that are established and managed by the Kenedix Group rather than owning real estate directly. Kenedix has many core strengths: independence, flexibility and creativity, innovation, expertise, and transparency. These strengths underpin the Kenedix Model of providing a complete lineup of real estate asset management services. We can create investment opportunities for client investors, acquire and manage properties, and sell properties. We are determined to continue using the Kenedix Model to aim for more growth. In a step toward Kenedix Vision 2025, we started a three-year medium-term management plan in 2018 called Partners in Growth, Next 2020. Announced in February 2018, this plan is structured to take the Kenedix Model to an even higher level while increasing our corporate value. Building a stronger infrastructure for achieving both sustained growth and social responsibility is one of major initiatives of the new plan. Everyone at Kenedix has a strong commitment to making our group a provider of ideal and better than ever real estate asset management services.

We ask for your support as the Kenedix Group continues to make progress with our mission of realizing the full potential of real estate.

Taisuke Miyajima

Taisuke Miyajima

President & CEO
Kenedix, Inc.