Our Mission and Vision

Mission Statement

Kenedix is dedicated to realizing the full potential of real estate

In pursuit not only of increasing assets under management and realizing short-term return, Kenedix focuses on property locations and characteristics as it seeks to combine optimal asset management strategies, timing and financial structures based on our client investorsʼ expectations, with a strong conviction, “realize the full potential of real estate investment.”

We have formulated a mission statement that elucidates our commitment to create real estate value: “Kenedix is dedicated to realizing the full potential of real estate.”

Corporate Mission

Corporate Mission

Long-term Vision

Kenedix Vision 2025: Delivering Growth via the Kenedix Model
Goals for 2025: AUM of ¥4 trillion,
Kenedix Group market cap of ¥2 trillion and an ROE of 15%

* The Kenedix Group market cap includes the market value of REITs where Kenedix serves as the main sponsor.

Kenedix Model

Kenedix does not own real estate directly. Properties are held by funds that are established and managed by the Kenedix Group.

Asset Management Business

Kenedix constantly provides client investors with high-grade investment opportunities and does not own real estate itself

Kenedix creates funds that match the needs of each client. By managing these assets in a manner ideally suited to each property category, Kenedix performs asset management with a high level of transparency.

Real Estate Related Business

Kenedix manages and operates real estate with the goal of increasing the value of funds managed by Kenedix group

Kenedix increases the value of the funds managed by Kenedix group through providing highly specialized real estate management that takes advantage of scale and real estate operation as an operator.

Real Estate Investment Business

Kenedix co-invests with client investors in funds managed by Kenedix Group companies

Through making co-investments in the fund managed by Kenedix group, Kenedix share the risk/return with client investors and seeks to maximize the return of the funds together with client investors.