Kenedix Group

Asset Management Business

Kenedix Real Estate Fund Management, Inc.Kenedix Real Estate Fund Management, Inc.
The asset management company for REITs
Kenedix Investment Partners, Inc.Kenedix Investment Partners, Inc.
The asset management company for private funds
Bit Realty, Inc.Bit Realty, Inc.
Operation of a croudfunding platform for investments in real estate

Real Estate Related Business

Kenedix Property Design, Inc.Kenedix Property Design, Inc.
Property management operations for real estate, operation of serviced offices and accommodations, etc.
Kenedix Engineering, Inc.Kenedix Engineering, Inc.
Construction management for buildings

Real Estate Investment Business

Kenedix, Inc.Kenedix, Inc.
Co-investmnets with client investors and strategic investments leading to the expansion of the asset management business
Kenedix Asia Pte. Ltd.Kenedix Asia Pte. Ltd.
Seeks investment opportunities and investments in Asia real estate

Reasl Estate Security Token Business

Kenedix, Inc.Kenedix, Inc.
Provide new investment opportunities, utilizing digital technology

Renewable Energy PPA Business

Kenedix Green Energy, Inc.Kenedix Green Energy, Inc.
Contribute to a sustainable environment by providing renewable energy