Message from the President

Message from the President

Kenedix is dedicated to realizing full potential of real estate

Japanese real estate and financial markets have been changed in many ways since Kenedix was established in 1995. Under the big changes of our business circumstances, we have been successful in the growth while trying new business domains. Our growth mirrored the expansion of the real estate securitization market, followed by the maturity of real estate and financial markets. We are grateful for the support from client investors, banks, business partners and all stakeholders, who have supported us for long time to achieve these accomplishments.

We announced “Kenedix Vision 2025” in 2015. The long-term vision defines our business model as holding properties via funds established and managed by the Kenedix Group rather than directly holding properties by Kenedix. We can create investment opportunities for client investors, by comprehensive investment management services such as acquisitions, asset management, and dispositions. We are determined to stick to Kenedix Model of providing better services to realize additional growth. We also declare that Kendix group will be what we should be as a best-in-class management service provider.

We ask for your continuous support as the Kenedix Group continues to make progress with our mission of realizing the full potential of real estate.

Taisuke Miyajima
Taisuke Miyajima, President & CEO, Kenedix, Inc.