Who We Are

Kenedix is a pioneer of real estate securitization in Japan.

Kenedix was established in 1995 in the early days of Japan’s real estate securitization business by a group of finance and real estate experts who foresaw opportunities in the sector. Since then, we have managed diverse real estate funds to realize the full potential of real estate, gaining the support of a large number of client investors.

Industry pioneer
Industry experience
over 25years
Asset under Management (AUM)

over 3.3trillion yen
Managing diverse real estate funds
Asse Class & Scheme

Our strengths lie in
our ability to set up
and manage funds
with flexibility and speed.

Strength 1Stable business model
A stable earnings base with ongoing fees from management of real estate funds, starting with REITs, as well as real estate management and maintenance services
Strength 2Diverse networks and extensive management experience
Diverse networks and extensive management experience backed by our track record since establishment
Strength 3Expert human resources
A group of people with expertise and extensive knowledge and experience in real estate and finance

Business overview

We connect investors with real estate and contribute
to stakeholders through real estate value creation.

Business overview

Real estate funds are vehicles that can provide profits and benefits to everyone involved. In addition to solving the various requirements and issues of real estate sellers, funds can enhance real estate value through management that is precisely tailored to the characteristics of individual properties. As a result, a real estate fund not only returns profits to investors but can also provide a high level of satisfaction to users by creating more attractive real estate.

Growth trajectory

Kenedix has continued to grow
by identifying market issues and providing pioneering services.

  • 1995 Kenedix, Inc. (formerly Kennedy-Wilson Japan Co., Ltd.) is established.
  • 1999 Kenedix supports the investment opportunity for the data center building in Kawasaki. Kenedix enters asset management business.
  • 2001 Kenedix forms a private real estate fund for a major life insurance company.
  • 2002 Kenedix is listed on the Osaka Securities Exchange.
  • 2003 Kenedix forms a private real estate fund for domestic pension funds.
  • 2004 Kenedix is listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
  • 2005 Kenedix Office Investment Corporation is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
  • 2007 Challenger Kenedix Japan Trust lists on the Australian Stock Exchange.
  • 2008 Kenedix forms a private fund with a German investor, investing mainly in suburban retail facilities.
  • 2012 Kenedix Residential Investment Corporation (KDR) is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
  • 2014 Kenedix Private Investment Corporation starts operations.
  • 2015 Kenedix Retail REIT Corporation is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Japan Senior Living Investment Corporation (JSL) is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
  • 2016 Kenedix establishes Kenedix Shizen Energy Fund. Kenedix participates in a AmanahRaya REIT, a listed real estate investment trust in Malaysia, as a sponsor.
  • 2018 KDR merges with JSL and changes its name to Kenedix Residential Next Investment Corporation.
  • 2020 Capital and business alliance with Sumitomo Mitsui Finance and Leasing Company, Limited.
  • 2021 Delisted from the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
  • 2023Three Listed REITs merges and changes its name to KDX Realty Investment Corporation

Assets under Management (AUM)

Assets under Management

Kenedix is dedicated to realizing
the full potential of real estate.
This leads to value to investors.

Enhancing the value of diverse real estate that supports society

We manage investments in diverse real estate that meets the needs of the times, including offices, residential properties, retail facilities, and logistics facilities as well as healthcare facilities, hotels, infrastructure, and childcare facilities.

Proposing the best use tailored to
individual properties

We realize effective real estate management services that are tailored to individual properties, ranging from appropriate measures for improving profitability through to bold use conversions, leveraging the know-how obtained through our extensive management experience.

Precisely meeting diverse needs through a variety of techniques

We set up a variety of real estate funds to meet diverse needs including the fund management needs of investors and the trading needs of real estate owners.

Real estate × finance × technology

We identify changes in the times to provide new opportunities for real estate investment such as “real estate crowdfunding” and “security tokens.”

Aiming for a sustainable society

As a real estate asset management company, we strive to realizing the full potential of real estate and realize a better society through responsible investment management.

We will continue to take on challenges aimed
at real estate with new value that is geared to the times.

Introducing the businesses operated by Kenedix