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Attractive working environment

Sustainability policies
– Attractive working environment –

We aim to maintain an attractive working environment by implementing measures for employees' health and wellbeing and for diversity and equal opportunities. To enable employees to realize their full potential, we will provide a variety of training programs and other educational opportunities.

Recruiting, employee retention and career advancement

Basic views

Recruiting, employee retention and career advancement is one of our material issues. We have many programs to develop the skills of our people and are always seeking ways to upgrade training and other educational activities so that all our employees can realize their full potential.

Workforce diversity and stability

As a relatively new business sector, the real estate asset management industry started by using people with experience in many areas of the real estate and finance sectors. Kenedix is still recruiting experienced professionals in a broad range of business fields. In addition, we have been recruiting new university graduates continuously since 2005. Maintaining a diverse workforce is an important element of our sustainability as a real estate asset management company.

Since our establishment in 1995, we have never conducted lay-offs for the purpose of downsizing our workforce. We retained all of our people even during the global financial crisis as many real estate developers and asset management companies struggled to avoid bankruptcy.

Human resource development system

To continuously improve the operational skills of employees, Kenedix provides external seminars that are structured for specific job categories, such as managers, mid-level employees and new employees.

New university graduates first complete one-month entry training and then rotate through three jobs over five years. On-the-job training in different departments gives them opportunities to obtain a variety of experience and a broad range of viewpoints.

Training programs

English language training

Kenedix provides English language training by teachers from educational institutions to employees who apply for these classes. Students participate in discussions every week. An online-speaking program is also available so employees can utilize this opportunity with more flexibility.

Job-specific skill development training

Kenedix provides seminars arranged by a third party for specific job categories, such as managers, mid-level employees and new employees to give them opportunities to acquire the skills required at each level.

Self-development program

Kenedix reimburses employees for the cost of external seminars, classes and other educational activities for acquiring the knowledge and skills required for their jobs.

Oversea training program

Kenedix employees, mainly young people, can apply for temporary training positions at a real estate asset management company in California. Working at this company gives people knowledge involving acquisitions, property management and other operations as well as an opportunity to improve their English language skills.

Study abroad program

Kenedix provides opportunities to obtain a broad range of knowledge, personal connections and international viewpoints by sending employees to study in oversea graduate schools where they acquire skills to become the next generation of management.

Encouraging people to obtain professional certifications

Since the beginning of the real estate fund business in Japan, Kenedix has used a team of professionals with real estate and financial expertise to provide real estate asset management services.

With real estate asset management now a well-established business sector in Japan, we have numerous activities to maintain a team of skilled professionals who can provide clients with high-quality services. To promote employees' skill and career development and further increase corporate vitality, we encourage employees to acquire a variety of certifications. To support these activities, Kenedix has a subsidy program for the associated expenses.

Qualified individuals

(as of December 31, 2019)
Real estate notaries 159 Tax accountants 5
ARES (real estate securitization)
certified masters
74 Chartered members of the Securities
Analysts Association of Japan
Certified real estate consulting
24 Administrative scriveners 2
Certified building administrators 29 Judicial scriveners 1
Licensed senior architects 13 Administrative managers 11
Real estate appraisers 7 Condominium property managers 8
Certified public accountants
6 Loan operations managers 14
Certified public accountants
(United States)
3 Attorneys 2

Note: These figures are based on individuals who are working at Kenedix group companies and employed directly by Kenedix.

Internal job application program

Kenedix employees can apply for job openings within the company to gain more experience and achieve their career goals. Offering this opportunity allows people to develop and utilize their skills and allows us to benefit fully from the capabilities of our human resources.

Evaluation system to support employees' career development

Employees receive evaluations in the middle of the year and at the fiscal year end. Managers interview individuals to discuss their performance and career opportunities.

At the fiscal year end, all employees undergo a competency evaluation so both Kenedix and employees understand what is expected and the current status. This objective and transparent process makes it possible for employees and managers to set the next goals.

Japanese employee stock ownership plan

In June 24, 2015, the Kenedix Board of Directors approved and implemented the establishment of an employee stock ownership plan for eligible employees. This incentive plan increases awareness of participating in management and benefits shareholder value by motivating people to increase corporate value. As a form of medium to long-term remuneration, this plan also helps retain talented people.

Health and wellbeing of employees

Basic views

The health and wellbeing of employees is one of our material issues. To enable employees to maintain the proper balance between work and their private lives, we have activities involving workplace facilities, working styles and other measures that create a pleasant and productive environment. There are also various programs that reflect a variety of personal needs.

Work style reform

We have been improving how people do their jobs by encouraging employees to take paid time off, reducing overtime and introducing various systems to allow flexible working formats.

Promoting the use of paid vacation days

On top of annual paid leave, we have a program that allows employees to take consecutive days off in July, August and September. Department managers encourage the people they supervise to go on an extended vacation and to use all of their annual leave.

Initiatives to reduce overtime

Department managers supervise working hours and adjust workloads of employees to minimize overtime. If an employee has worked more than a certain number of hours, a check-up by doctor is arranged upon the employee's request.

Staggered working hours

We have a staggered working hours system that allows employees to start work in the morning at any time between 8:00 and 10:00.

Health and wellbeing

We have health management activities to support the physical and mental health of employees and maintain a pleasant working environment.

Health committee

Kenedix has a Health Committee that performs surveys and studies concerning the health of employees and prevention of problems. The committee meets monthly to discuss activities and issues involving employees’ health. In addition, the committee performs educational activities by distributing to all employees a monthly message about their health and wellbeing.

Annual physical check-up

All employees receive an annual examination by doctor at the company's expense.

Mental health care

All employees have access to an external counseling service provided by Kenedix. Individuals can discuss any personal or job-related issues with counselors. Every month, all employees receive messages with topics about mental health and other information so that everyone is aware of these issues and the counseling service.

In addition, Kenedix performs annual stress check-ups for all employees. Individuals receive the results and can arrange a check-up with a doctor if necessary.

Pleasant working environment

Hibiya Parkfront, which we developed as a joint venture, is in a prime location that faces Hibiya Park and has direct access through adjacent buildings to the Kasumigaseki and Uchisaiwaicho subway stations. This building was designed to create the atmosphere of offices within a park. There is a large amount of greenery inside and outside the building as well as a variety of services and equipment for the support of office workers. The result is a new concept for an ideal office environment where people can feel they are surrounded by nature and are able to do their jobs in comfort.

In harmony with Hibiya Park's natural environment

As plans for the property called for planting vegetation to harmonize with the adjacent Hibiya Park, more than 100 types of plants are used in the building. Vegetation is not limited to the area surrounding the building but also extends to the interior to create a park-life environment.

  • 1F Entrance hall
    1F Entrance hall
  • 21F Sky garden
    21F Sky garden
The Hibiya Centrium links the building with the greenery of Hibiya Park

To help preserve biodiversity, Hibiya Centrium has about 100 types of plants that were selected based on a survey of the vegetation in neighboring Hibiya Park. This spacious area full of greenery is one of the building's most popular places among not only tenants but also neighboring office workers.

Hibiya Centrium
Hibiya Centrium

Interaction among employees in a communication room

Interaction among employees in a communication room

Located adjacent to working space, the communication room is a place employees can use for a break, a small meeting or any other purpose, being the hub for communication among employees.

Other initiatives

Annual off-site meeting

Every December, all Kenedix Group employees are invited to attend an off-site meeting for a presentation by Kenedix executives and prominent individuals from outside the group. This occasion is also an award ceremony for outstanding projects of the year. Informal gatherings in conjunction with this event further increase the solidarity of the Kenedix Group.

Support for group activities outside of work

Kenedix subsidizes activities such as futsal or golf that help employees make personal connections outside the workplace.

Topics: Company trip to Okinawa
In addition to the December off-site meeting, there were a trip to Okinawa in 2018 and a trip to Guam in 2019 that were open to the approximately 300 people who work at Kenedix Group companies. These outing gave people at different group companies who have few opportunities to get to know coworkers outside the workplace a chance to interact while participating in many activities.

Diversity and equal opportunities

Basic views

Kenedix has established diversity and equal opportunities as one of its material issues. We welcome diversity regarding race, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, disabilities and nationality and respect the rights of individuals. We are dedicated to operating workplaces where all people at the Kenedix Group can realize their full potential.

Respect for human rights

The Kenedix Compliance Manual clearly states that we will respect human rights and reject all forms of discrimination and harassment. There are compliance and other training programs to be certain that everyone at the Kenedix Group understands and observes these standards.

Equal opportunities for female employees

We use many measures to provide workplace environments where women can do their jobs with confidence and comfort. This includes support programs that enable women to remain at Kenedix once they have children. Women are an important part of the diversity and vitality that define our workforce.

Employment system for seniors

As one way to increase diversity, we have a system that allows employees who have reached the official retirement age of 60 to return to work until the age of 65. This program also helps maintain a sufficient number of people as Japan's working age population declines. With experience dating back to the start of real estate asset management in Japan, these older workers have considerable knowledge they can pass on to others.

Support for childbirth, childcare and senior nursing care

We have prepared various programs to support employees so they can remain at the Kenedix Group while spending time for personal needs such as childbirth and childcare or caring for an aging parent.

Childbirth and childcare

We have a number of programs for women during a pregnancy, such as time off for medical check-ups, working hours that avoid times when trains are most crowded, and days off for good health during a pregnancy. At childbirth and afterward, we provide time off for women and their husbands.

Employees can receive time off for the care of a baby or when a preschool age child is sick or requires other care. We also offer flexible working time so employees can care for family members. For example, employees can limit overtime and late-night assignments, reduce working hours, or use staggered hours. There is also a subsidy for expenses for child-related transportation needs before and after work and a discounted babysitter service.

Senior nursing care

Employees taking care of an elderly parent or other relative can use extra days off or extended leave. We also limit overtime and late-night assignments, reduce working hours, or use staggered hours so that an individual can fulfill family responsibilities. Support for nursing care goes beyond requirements by providing more than the legally mandated time off and special days off to care for an elderly parent or other relative.

Relevant data (employment)

2016 2017 2018 2019
Number of employees
(average age)*1
106(41.0) 96(41.1) 66(40.9) 67(41.3)
 Men (average age) 80(41.4) 73(40.8) 50(39.9) 49(40.2)
 Women (average age) 26(40.0) 23(42.0) 16(44.1) 18(44.3)
 Pct. of females in
24.5% 24.0% 24.2% 26.9%
Number of employees
299 304 320 339
Average number of
consecutive years at the
Kenedix Group*1
5.9 6.3 6.4 6.9
 Men 5.5 5.8 5.9 6.4
 Women 7.3 8.0 8.1 8.2
((Women – Men) / Men)
32.7% 37.9% 37.3% 28.1%
Number of newly hired
(new graduate hires
/mid-career hires)
 (new graduate hires
/mid-career hires)
 (new graduate hires
/mid-career hires)
 Pct. of women in newly
hired employees
 (new graduate hires
/mid-career hires)
Number of managers*1 30 24 19 19
 Men 29 23 17 17
 Women 1 1 2 2
 Pct. of female managers 3.3% 4.2% 10.5% 10.5%
Number of directors*1 8 8 10 9
 Men 8 8 9 8
 Women 0 0 1 1
 Pct. of female directors 0% 0% 10.0% 11.1%

Note1: These figures are based on individuals who belong to Kenedix.
Note2: These figures are based on individuals who are working at Kenedix group companies and employed directly by Kenedix.

Relevant data (system use, etc.)

2016 2017 2018 2019
Number of employees using
childbirth leave*2
2 1 0 4
Number of employees using
childcare leave*2
5 4 1 3
Pct. of employees returning
to work after childcare leave*2
100% 100% 100% 100%
Number of employees using
shortened working hours for childcare*2
3 4 1 1
Number of employees using
staggered working hours for childcare*2
2 7 8 7
Number of employees using
sick/injured childcare leave*2
1 2 2 2
Number of employees using
elderly parent care extended leave*2
0 0 0 0
Number of employees using
elderly parent care single-day leave*2
0 1 3 4
Number of employees using
shortened working hours to care for
an elderly parent*2
0 0 0 0
Number of employees using
staggered working hours to care for
an elderly parent*2
0 1 2 2
Average number of days of
paid leave used*1
9.4 10.4 10.8 12.7
Pct. of paid leave used*1 55.3% 60.5% 62.8% 71.2%
Overtime hours, per month,
per person*1
24.6 22.6 21.1 17.3
Pct. of employees receiving
a health check-up*2
96.3% 99.1% 99.5% 100%
Number of work-related
0 0 0 0

Note1: These figures are based on individuals who belong to Kenedix.
Note2: These figures are based on individuals who are working at Kenedix group companies and employed directly by Kenedix.