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Editorial policy

Editorial policy

The purpose of this publication is to provide all Kenedix stakeholders with information about the sustainability policies and activities of the Kenedix Group. We hope this information gives you a better understanding of our commitment and goals involving sustainability.

Publication date

February 2020 (As a general rule, to be revised every March)

Period covered by this report

January 1, 2019 to December 31, 2019
Some information concerns activities prior to 2019.

Scope of reporting

Kenedix, Inc. and main group companies (excluding special purpose companies and certain other companies)

Main group companies

  • Kenedix Real Estate Fund Management, Inc.
  • Kenedix Investment Partners, Inc.
  • Kenedix Property Management, Inc.
  • Kenedix Engineering, Inc.
  • Space Design Inc.
  • Bit Realty, Inc.
  • Kenedix Asia Pte. Ltd.
  • Kenedix Westwood, LLC

Guidelines used for reference

GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) Standards

Contact point for questions regarding the report

Corporate Communications Office, Kenedix, Inc.
E-mail: kdx_cco@kenedix.com