Green Finance

The Kenedix Group recognizes “Contribution to a Sustainable Environment” as one of the key areas of its material issues and is taking various initiatives under its Sustainability Policies.
In order to promote "Contribution to a Sustainable Environment" in terms of financing, Kenedix, Inc. has established a Green Finance Framework and has promoted efforts on the green finance from the thought that the utilizing green finance enables more committed efforts to improve sustainability and further contribution to development of the domestic market by offering opportunities to the universe of investors who take active stance towards ESG investment.

What is Green Finance?

Finance through green bonds and green loans by companies, local governments, or other organizations to raise funds for domestic and overseas green projects, which is a project contributing to environmental solution, are called green finance. As main characteristics of green finance, proceeds are allocated exclusively to green projects, and are tracked and managed in a reliable manner, ensuring transparency by reporting after the implementation of the finance.

Green Finance Framework and Second-Party Evaluation

Records of Issues

Name Kenedix Unsecured Bond No. 1
(with inter-bond pari passu clause and restricted to only qualified institutional investors) (Green Bond)
Total issue amount ¥4.3 billion
Maturity 5 years
Yield 0.600% per annum
Issued date June 7, 2023
Redemption June 7, 2028
Use of proceeds Proceeds are to be used for investments and loans in SPC that own assets that comply with green qualification criteria, such as single-family properties for rent using the Kolet brand
Credit rating AA- (Japan Credit Rating Agency, Ltd.)
Bookrunners SMBC Nikko Securities Inc.
Mizuho Securities Co., Ltd.
Green Bond Structuring Agent SMBC Nikko Securities Inc.