Message from the President

Taisuke Miyajima, President & CEO, Kenedix, Inc.

Taisuke Miyajima, President & CEO, Kenedix, Inc.
Taisuke Miyajima

Dedicated to both sustained growth and social responsibility

Kenedix has been a source of a diverse array of opportunities for investors since the start of operations in 1995. Today, we manage more than ¥3.3 trillion of assets under management. Operations encompass many asset categories and include numerous funds. We manage listed REIT specializing in sectors such as office buildings, residential properties, retail facilities, logistics facilities and healthcare facilities. Asset management also includes a private REIT that own large office buildings and other properties and many private funds.

We manage real estate that is used by an enormous number of tenants as well as visitors, customers and others. Overseeing this real estate requires working closely with many investors and property management companies. In addition, we manage properties while fulfilling our obligations to the communities where they are located and to the environment. The breadth and scale of our activities means that we must maintain sound relationships with many types of stakeholders. We are well aware of the responsibilities associated with the significant social and environmental effects of our real estate asset management operations.

Based on this understanding of the various ways that real estate affects our stakeholders, our goal is to achieve sustained growth while meeting our social responsibility by realizing the full potential of real estate.

Build a stronger infrastructure for achieving both sustained growth and social responsibility

To reinforce activities involving sustainability, including ESG (environment, society, governance), we have established the Public Relations & Sustainability Department (former Corporate Communications Office) in April 2018 as a department responsible solely for these activities. With this office playing a central role, the entire Kenedix Group increases its various activities for more progress concerning sustainability.

Material issues and sustainability policies

To examine issues that would have material impact on both our business operations and society, Kenedix held discussions with relevant departments, group companies, external professionals and other stakeholders. As a result, the Board of Directors have established the final material issue selections. All issues are critical with regard to our real estate operations as well as the sustainability of the Kenedix Group. For these issues, we established five key areas: contribution to a sustainable environment, commitment to a diverse society, stakeholder engagement, attractive working environment, and responsible organization. By focusing on these themes, we are committed to contributing to sustainability and the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

In addition, we have set Sustainability Policies, which covers all ESG issues, to create guidelines for all sustainability initiatives. Adhering to this new policy, the Kenedix Group conducts unified activities that target the material issues.

Promotion of information disclosure

We have been working to enhance information disclosure related to sustainability since the establishment of the specialized department in 2018. The two REITs where Kenedix is the main sponsor have been engaged in various sustainability initiatives since before, and by comprehensively summarizing such initiatives of the group on website and sustainability report, we will be working to make our stakeholders understand our efforts.

To our stakeholders

Stakeholder engagement is one of the key areas of the Kenedix Group. We consider continuous engagement with all stakeholders with whom we interact in conjunction with the properties and funds we manage is essential and are ambitious to become a real estate asset management company that is committed to responsible investment. We sincerely ask for your continued support.

Taisuke Miyajima
Taisuke Miyajima, President & CEO, Kenedix, Inc.