Real Estate Related Business

Kenedix manages and operates real estate with the goal of increasing the value of funds managed by Kenedix Group companies.

Kenedix operates the Real Estate Related Business to increase the value of the funds managed by Kenedix Group companies. This business offers property and construction management services for the portfolio properties of REITs managed by the Kenedix Group. All services are highly specialized and structured to benefit from economies of scale. The Real Estate Related Business also includes the operation of serviced offices and accommodations.

Overview of Real Estate Related Business

Description of Business

Real estate management business

This business engages in the following management services, mainly for the portfolio properties of funds for which Kenedix Group companies provide asset management services.

Property management business

This business provides building management services, such as day-to-day repair and cleaning of buildings, and tenant management services for invoicing tenants and collecting rents.

Leasing management business

This business engages in activities that include attracting tenants to lease real estate and negotiating lease agreements.

Construction management business

This business engages in planning, design, construction, and construction management for large-scale refurbishment projects.

Real estate operation business

This business operates property facilities for buildings leased by Kenedix Group companies, primarily in the following forms.

Serviced office business

This business provides small-scale offices of the same high caliber as large-scale buildings in central Tokyo for new business start ups or the launch of Japanese subsidiaries of foreign corporations.

Master lease business

This business concludes master lease agreements with building owners and subleases the space to tenants or entrusts the management and operation to hotel operators.

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