Real Estate Security Token Business

Kenedix provides new investment opportunities, utilizing digital technology.

Real Estate Security Tokens are digital securities that are issued and managed using blockchain technology, with real estate or related rights as the underlying assets. Blockchain technology is expected to further improve convenience and reduce costs through the reduction of transaction management costs for securities, efficiency of fund settlement, the provision of new experimental value through digitization of investor benefits, and the development of a secondary market through linkage with a digital stock exchange.
This is expected to promote the expansion of the range of participants in real estate investment, as well as new ways to utilize opportunities, such as the diversification of real estate for investment.

Overview of Real Estate Security Token Business

What is Real Estate ST?

Definitions of Terms

Terms Definitions
Security Token
(ST, Digital Securities)
This refers to financial instruments (securities) issued and managed using digital technology represented by block chains and corresponds to "Electronically Recorded Transferable Rights to Be Indicated on Securities, etc." defined in the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act.
Security Token Offering
This refers to the financing by issuing STs to investors, which is conducted in accordance with the regulations of the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act.
Real Estate Security Token
(Real Estate ST)
STs that are backed by real estate related assets. Financing by issuing Real Estate STs are called Real Estate STO.

Real Estate Security Tokens in Operation

PTS for security tokens

Osaka Digital Exchange Co.,Ltd. operates the first PTS for security tokens in Japan. Facilitation of the organized secondary market for security tokens will contribute to making more liquidities and establishing fairer market prices. It will make STO more prevail among the investors.

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