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About Kenedix

Japan's largest independent real estate asset management company

The Kenedix Group is the largest independent real estate asset management organization in Japan. Assets under management (AUM) in Japan's real estate market totaled approximately ¥2.4 trillion (as of Dec. 2019). The group's operations span a diverse array of asset categories. There are listed J-REITs, one each for medium-scale office buildings, residential properties, healthcare facilities, hotels, retail facilities, logistic facilities, a private REIT holding large-scale office buildings and other types of properties, and a large number of private funds. The Kenedix Group is further distinguished by services with flexibility and speed that only at an organization having no affiliation with any corporate group can offer.

Creation of investment opportunities

The Kenedix Group has a key asset in our broad and solid information network that we have built through involvement with the Japanese real estate market over the years since our founding in 1995. We believe it is our mission to meet the expectations of investors by creating investment opportunities tailored to their needs utilizing know-how and creativity based on the valuable information obtained from our network. The flexibility to respond to diversified asset classes and diversified investment schemes by leveraging our extensive experience is also one of our major strengths. In addition, we can also cater to small joint investments (same boat investments) in structuring new funds.

One-stop service for asset management

The Kenedix Group provides one-stop service for asset management from fund structuring to exit. The Kenedix Group offers due diligence, acquisition, financing, leasing, engineering, disposition and various other area focused experts and teams to provide comprehensive asset management services as a corporate group.