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Mission, Vision, Medium-term Management Plan

  1. Ⅰ. Mission Statement
  2. Ⅱ. Long-term Vision
  3. Ⅲ. Medium-term Management Plan

Mission Statement

Mission, Vision, Medium-term Management Plan

Ⅰ. -A Mission Statement

Kenedix is dedicated to realizing the full potential of real estate

Ⅰ. -B Corporate Mission

-Business Objective 『For What?』
We contribute to society by making the best use of investment capital and creating value from real estate.
-Business Field 『For Whom?』
We offer the best investment opportunities to our clients by committing to multiple roles globally
as a real estate asset manager.
-Business Principle 『How?』
We confront new business challenges through our management speed and flexibility
while emphasizing stability and fairness.

Ⅱ. Long-term Vision

Kenedix Vision 2025:Delivering Growth via the Kenedix Model
Goals for 2025 are AUM of ¥4 trillion,
Kenedix Group market cap of ¥2 trillion and an ROE of 15%
*The Kenedix Group market cap includes the market value of REITs where Kenedix serves as the main sponsor.

Kenedix Model

■Asset Management Business:
Kenedix constantly provides client investors with high-grade investment opportunities and does not own real estate itself. Kenedix creates funds that match the needs of each client. For example, there are funds for midsize office buildings, rental residential property, healthcare, hotels, retail facilities, logistic facilities and inflastructure facilities. By managing these assets in a manner ideally suited to each property category, Kenedix performs asset management with a high level of transparency.
■Real Estate Related Business:
Kenedix manages and operates real estate with the goal of increasing the value of funds managed by Kenedix Group companies. Kenedix is constantly upgrading property management and other skills for real estate owned by Kenedix Group REITs. Kenedix is a source of highly specialized services that benefit from economies of scale. Another goal is gaining more know-how involving the management of serviced offices and other operational assets.
■Real Estate Investment Business:
Kenedix co-invests with client investors in funds managed by Kenedix Group companies. With these investors Kenedix constantly works hard to realize the highest possible returns for these funds.

Ⅲ. Medium-term Management Plan

Partners in Growth, Next 2020

■Basic Policies

Enlarge business domains with a focus on real estate asset management/Make speedy, flexible and strategic investments/Create opportunities in new growth fields linked to emerging social and economic trends/Build a stronger infrastructure for achieving both sustained growth and social responsibility

■Quantitative Targets

ROE:3-year average of at least 10%,Total return ratio:3-year average of at least 50%