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Kenedix Group

The Kenedix Group has three core components: the Asset Management Business, Real Estate Related Business and Real Estate Investment Business. Kenedix Group companies use these core businesses to provide a variety of investment opportunities to a wide range of investors and to be a source of outstanding real estate asset management services.

Asset Management Business

The Kenedix Group is dedicated to enabling investors to earn sound returns on real estate investments. We use REITs, private funds and other types of real estate funds to create opportunities to invest in real estate and we provide asset management services for these funds. We draw on know-how and creativity developed over many years to be certain that these opportunities precisely match the needs of investors. To maintain a high level of transparency for our asset management services, we use specialized asset management techniques that accurately reflect the characteristics of portfolio properties.

  • Kenedix Real Estate Fund Management, Inc.
  • Kenedix Investment Partners, Inc.

Real Estate Related Business

Activities in the Real Estate Related Business are centered on property management and other services that raise the value of properties owned by funds managed by the Kenedix Group. Major activities are property management for the portfolio properties of REITs managed by the Kenedix Group and construction management. All services are highly specialized and structured to benefit from economies of scale. This business also includes the management of serviced apartments and other operational assets.

  • Kenedix Property Management, Inc.
  • Kenedix Engineering, Inc.

  • Space Design, Inc.
  • Bit Realty, Inc.

Real Estate Investment Business

The Kenedix Group invests in bridge funds and real estate development funds primarily as a source of growth in assets under management. In addition, we co-invest with client investors in private funds managed by the Kenedix Group in order to align our interests with those of client investors.

  • Kenedix, Inc.
  • Kenedix Asia Pte. Ltd.
  • Kenedix Westwood, LLC