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Disclosure Policy

Basic Policy

Kenedix disseminates information with substantial added value for the purposes of realizing effective corporate governance and receiving a proper assessment of Kenedix’s corporate value in financial markets by disclosing its mission statement, corporate mission, long-term vision, management plans, and other financial and non-financial information in a fair, timely and detailed yet easy-to-understand manner.

Coverage of this Policy

This policy applies to information that is required to be disclosed in accordance with the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act of Japan and other related laws and regulations and with the rules of securities exchanges where Kenedix stock is listed. This policy also applies to information that is not required to be disclosed but may influence investment decisions (collectively "significant information"). Kenedix does not disclose personal information, customer information or information that would violate the rights of other parties.

Disclosure Methods

Kenedix discloses information in compliance with related laws and regulations, the rules of securities exchanges, and other guidelines.
In addition, for other types of information, Kenedix uses suitable methods that reflect the characteristics of the information disclosed.

Constructive Dialogues with Shareholders and Other Investors

Kenedix observes the following guidelines for constructive dialogues with shareholders and other investors.

  1. Dialogues and feedback
    The Corporate Planning Department, which handles investor relations, is the primary department that is responsible for maintaining constructive dialogues with shareholders and other investors by using a variety of opportunities, such as one-on-one meetings and information meetings. In addition, opinions and other information obtained from these dialogues are shared as feedback with senior management and other relevant individuals at Kenedix so that they can be utilized to pursue further improvements in corporate value.
  2. Handling of information to be disclosed
    Authorized individuals who handle significant information to be disclosed must manage this information strictly in accordance with the fair disclosure guidelines in order to prevent disclosure to only certain shareholders or other investors.
  3. Silent period
    There is a three-week silent period prior to the announcement of quarterly results of operations in order to prevent leaks of this information. During the silent period, Kenedix will make no new comments that differ from the most recently disclosed information about results of operations. However, if there is new significant information during the silent period, Kenedix will disclose the information in accordance with related laws and regulations, the rules of securities exchanges, and other guidelines.